[Python-Dev] Side by Side Differencing Patch

Dan Gass dmgass at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 10 12:20:28 EDT 2004


>That said, I downloaded the zip file attached to your patch just now, and
>was delighted by the examples of its output you included.  I'd definitely
>use this!  OTOH, I'm not an HTML Guy, and unassigned myself -- I'm not the
>best person to review it.  I'm +1 on the concept, FWIW.
> > 1) Is this worthwhile functionality where it would be worth including it
> >    and supporting it in Python?
>Yes, I think so.  The closest alternative I know of is the HTML-ized
>diff'ing included in ViewCVS, which I believe also builds on difflib
>functions.  I like your output better, both because of the embedded "next
>difference" links and because of the intraline difference marking.


>For purposes of getting the patch reviewed, it would help most if you:
>a) Generated an ordinary context-diff patch against current CVS Python.
>b) Added a documentation patch.  It doesn't need to be LaTeX -- if you
>    write new docs in plain text, the reviewers here are usually happy
>    to add the sometimes-mysterious markup needed to play well with
>    the Python doc-generation tools.

Based on your positive response I'll go ahead and regenerate the patch with 
the current CVS Python code and redo the differences.  This will allow me to 
address the issues discussed in the sourceforge patch (correctly handling 
files with no differences and improving the interface for dropping anchors) 
as well as a couple other really minor issues not documented anywhere.

I'd appreciate feedback from other interested parties before I go nuts on 
writing good user documentation for the Python manuals.  I hope there is an 
HTML guru interested in this as they may have better ideas for the HTML 
look, feel and functionality that may impact the interfaces I provide.  Who 
worked on ViewCVS?

Thanks for your positive feedback!
Dan Gass

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