[Python-Dev] Re: Python CVS docs - libposixpath.tex is wrong file!

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Jun 11 05:55:34 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Fred" == Fred L Drake, <fdrake at acm.org> writes:

    Fred> I think it's time for us to deal with getting CVS hosted
    Fred> somewhere.  As I understand it, we can host SSH-accessible
    Fred> CVS at XS4ALL; we'll need someone to host an anonymous
    Fred> pserver elsewhere.

FWIW, XEmacs has been very happy with SunSITE.dk, for about 3 years
now.  They have excellent bandwidth, and except for acts of God (two
lightning strikes that took the server down for a day each), we have
been most likely to find out about problems when SunSITE staff
apologizes for problems we didn't have.  They do not host all comers
like SF or savannah, so they can plan to stay within their resources.

Assuming they are willing to host Python at all, they would be happy
to set up a CVS mirror that only does anonymous pserver.  They offer
web resources, etc., but I don't know whether they would host a
SF-style tracker or Roundup.

If you like I would be willing to ask them, or you could directly
contact staff at sunsite.dk and tell them that stephen at xemacs.org sent
you.  I can't predict what their response would be, it would depend on
their current resource contraints and what Python would need.


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