[Python-Dev] VC 7.1 maintenance?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Jun 13 21:19:01 EDT 2004

> Is anybody maintaining the project files for Visual Studio 7.1?

Martin, Thomas and I all fiddle it when we notice it needs something.  I
view Martin as being the primary owner.

> In recent checkins a new file was added (pystrtod.c) that isn't
> included in the project file yet.

Fixed now.  I was running on Win98SE when that first got checked in, so
fiddled the VC6 project files (in PC/VC6).  Didn't have VC7.1 on that box.

> I hesitate to make the checkin myself because I honestly don't
> understand which files are affected...

Just "the usual":  used the GUI to add the new file to the pythoncore

test_anydbm fails, I think because of some problem with Sleepycat bsddb
and/or our wrappers.

test_tcl doesn't get off the ground because it can't find tk84.dll.

All other "-u network,largefile" tests passed on WinXP, in both release and
debug builds (although I haven't downloaded the codec test files, so those
tests get skipped).

test_asynchat fails if you run it a *second* time, from .pyc/.pyo file
instead of from scratch.  This is a known problem with marshal not knowing
how to deal with a float infinity (don't ask).

test_zlib is much faster than it used to be <wink>.

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