[Python-Dev] HTML side by side diff patch 914575

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Sun Jun 13 12:29:05 EDT 2004

> I appreciate your feedback, based on it I'm currently tinkering with
> the HTML to figure out a better way.  Would you (and RH?) be
> interested in reviewing it when I'm done to see if you can think of
> any improvements?  


If you can, get it in soon to avoid getting to close to the alpha
release date.

> I think I figured out how to use tables to do what you want but still
> have the look I want.  I'm also going to switch to utilize the viewCVS
> color scheme.  Please note that some of your "next" alignment problems
> may be caused by the text size setting.  I've seen certain text size
> settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer that don't work as well.  I
> typically select the smallest text size and never have problems.  I'm
> hoping to make this a non-issue with what I'm going to propose.

Please segregate all of this stuff in a single section devoted to
configuration and make it easy to change without affecting the rest of
the implementation logic.


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