[Python-Dev] VC 7.1 maintenance?

Brett bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Jun 17 18:43:24 EDT 2004

On Jun 13, 2004, at 20:57, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> [Tim]
>> test_zlib is much faster than it used to be <wink>.
> There are a few other tests that are very slow, I believe test_thread
> is one.
test_thread is slow because it runs two tests who each theoretically 
take 10 seconds (randomly calculated based on the number of threads 
being run for the test; ``random.random() * numtasks``).  We could 
either rewrite the test (test_dummy_thread was originally designed to 
replace it, but you didn't like the idea since test_thread had been 
around for so long and thus was stable) or lower the number of threads 
being run at a time to have it go faster.


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