[Python-Dev] Re: python-dev Summary for 2004-06-01 through 2004-06-15[draft]

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Fri Jun 18 18:00:32 EDT 2004

A few comments

> patches you want to see in 2.4 then reads Anthony's announcement email

'reads' => 'read'
Suggest delete 'email' since some of us read his announcement as a newgroup
post and 'announcement email' does not read very well anyway.

> *are* in this alpha with late bindings; if early binding would work
> better in your code after trying late binding then speak up since the
> semantics can change.

This strikes me as an invitation for a very biased sample of opinion.
Perhaps people who like and want late binding, after trying it, should also
speak up.

>   Some people said to put it in and if that meant using Guido's,

, => syntax,

> server under out control was also brought up.  Nothing looks like it is

out -> our

> The list was reminded that in the future at some point, comparisons
> between heterogeneous types will raise TypeError sans '==' and '!='.

sans == except for?

Terry J. Reedy

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