[Python-Dev] HTML side by side diff patch 914575

Dan Gass dan.gass at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 02:43:36 EDT 2004

> If you can, get it in soon to avoid getting to close to the alpha
> release date.

I just submitted an updated patch to the sourceforge patch (914575). 
I based the patch on diff.py(CVS1.1) and difflib.py(CVS1.20) which was
the latest I saw today on viewCVS.  The following enhancements were

1) user interface greatly simplified for generating HTML (see diff.py
for example)
2) generated HTML now 4.01 Transitional compliant (so says HTML Tidy)
3) HTML color scheme for differences now matches that used by viewCVS.
4) differences table now has a row for each line making the HTML less
susceptible to browser quirks.
5) took care of all issues to date enumerated on the sourceforge patch
(plus suggestions from others).

As of now the only feature I may want to add in the near future is
optional tab expansion.  This should be a fairly simple change and
shouldn't break anything.

> Please segregate all of this stuff in a single section devoted to
> configuration and make it easy to change without affecting the rest of
> the implementation logic.

I hope my reorganization of the user interface for the HTML generation
took care of this concern.  If not please let me know in more detail
what you had in mind.  If you think this has a good shot at getting
into Python I'll start writing up some user documentation for the
python manuals (it should be alot easier because of the latest
changes).  What is the next step for getting this into Python?

*** CALL FOR HELP (to Java/HTML experts) ***

It would be great if I could get some help on:

A) getting some SIMPLE JavaScript? written to be able to select and
cut text from a single column (right now text is selected from the
whole row including both "from" and "to" text and line numbers.

B) solving the line width issue.  Currently the "from" / "to" column
is as wide as the widest line.  Any ideas on wrapping or scrolling?

Dan Gass

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