[Python-Dev] Planned changes to logging

Vinay Sajip vinay_sajip at red-dove.com
Sun Jun 27 18:52:03 EDT 2004

I'm planning to check in some changes to the logging package. I'd appreciate
comments on the following:

1. A backwards-compatible change to basicConfig(), making simple
configuration of logging easier than before. For example, to change the
level of the root logger to DEBUG:


For example, to change the message format:

logging.basicConfig(format="%(asctime)s %(levelname)-5s %(message)s")

To log to a file in append mode (for write mode, add a filemode="w"


To log to an existing stream:

s = open("/logs/myapp.log", "w")

2. Refactoring of RotatingFileHandler into BaseRotatingHandler and
RotatingFileHandler. The reason for this is the addition of a new class,
TimedRotatingFileHandler, which rotates files based on time-dependent
criteria. (See SF patch #921318 for more details).

3. Logger.log() changed to throw a TypeError if raiseExceptions is set and
the level passed in is not an integer.

If the changes seem generally acceptable, then I'll also add a section in
the docs which describes the above basic use cases under a "Basic use of the
logging package" section which appears earlier in the logging docs than it
does currently. Except for the documentation changes, I'm planning to commit
by 3 July.



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