[Python-Dev] PEP 309 re-written

Peter Harris scav at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Mar 1 17:09:41 EST 2004


The latest version of PEP 309 has been published in the usual place. I 
hope much of the woollyness (sp?) of the early versions has been sheared 
off, leaving more ..um..
[metaphor panic!] .. mutton?

I have settled on calling the whole thing "partial function 
application", broadly including
object methods, classes and other callable objects.  I want to name the 
constructor partial(),
because that name will do for now and doesn't do violence to accepted 
terminology the way
curry() or closure() would.

I really want to keep the name the same from now until the PEP is ready 
for review: this little proposal doesn't deserve as many name changes as 
the Mozilla project after all.

Not sure what sort of feedback the PEP needs before review, so I'm open 
to any comments about the wording of the proposal and the usefulness or 
otherwise of its intent.

If anyone can think of any really elegant hacks that are naturally 
expressed by partial function application I'd like to see them, and with 
permission add them to the PEP.  I feel that it's more likely to get 
accepted if there is a better example than my cheesy Tkinter callbacks!

Peter Harris

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