[Python-Dev] Changes to PEP 327: Decimal data type

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Thu Mar 18 17:16:58 EST 2004

[Shane Hathaway, on a piece of the Zope3 style guide

> Yes, but that policy fights with Python, leading to bad combinations.

I said "Zope" before, right <wink>?

> The first time I had to say something like
> "ZPythonScriptHTML_changePrefs" to a customer over the phone, I
> realized that the mixed conventions are a real problem.

No argument here.

> BTW, I assume this discussion is only about refining the conventions
> for method and function names.  CamelCase for class names is still
> recommended, right?

It is by me, and I channel that it also is by Guido.  Dissension will be
crushed <wink>.  Module and package names seem muddier, although I think a
lot of projects (including the Python core) have been moving toward short
one-word all-lower names for those (especially for packages at top level).

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