[Python-Dev] Code coverage tool updated

Walter Dörwald walter at livinglogic.de
Tue Nov 2 18:55:40 CET 2004

Walter Dörwald wrote:

> Skip Montanaro wrote:
>>     Walter> The Python code coverage tool available at
>>     Walter> http://coverage.livinglogic.de/ has been updated. (It runs 
>> the
>>     Walter> Python test suite once a month and makes the resulting code
>>     Walter> coverage info available as a web application).
>> This looks very interesting, but the results seem a bit mystifying.  For
>> example, it says that Lib/Queue.py has 169 lines, none of which are
>> coverable.  It also shows that no lines were covered, which seems odd
>> considering the fact the distribution does have a test_queue.py test 
>> module.
> The same happened to string.py. The run from yesterday *does* include
> string.py as a covered file, but only two lines were covered, which is
> even stranger.
> Maybe the problem is the fact, that I'm using an old version of
> trace.py? I'll updated trace.py and rerun the job.

This doesn't help. The following assert in trace.py raises
an AssertionError:
    assert filename.endswith('.py')

I've added print statements to find_executable_linenos()
and got the following:

<doctest _threading_local[7]>
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "../../../trace.py", line 790, in ?
   File "../../../trace.py", line 787, in main
     results.write_results(missing, summary=summary, coverdir=coverdir)
   File "../../../trace.py", line 301, in write_results
     lnotab = find_executable_linenos(filename)
   File "../../../trace.py", line 420, in find_executable_linenos
     assert filename.endswith('.py')

So what is <doctest _threading_local[7]>?

    Walter Dörwald

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