[Python-Dev] Re: interlocking dependencies on the path to a release

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Sat Nov 6 13:58:10 CET 2004

Trent Mick <trentm at ActiveState.com> writes:

> Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>> I've dabbled in the guts of latex2html before; it's certainly not pretty.
>> IMO a better long term option might be to use the Python docutils
>> and migrate to reStructuredText, since there are a bevy of backends
>> available for latex, PDF, HTML, etc.  They would probably need more
>> work before they'll be suitable to handle the entire doc generation
>> process, though.
> What do people think about docbook?

Where did this conversation start again?  Is it just that generating
HTML currently involves "Probably the longest Perl script anyone ever
attempted to maintain."?

Suggestions for alternative documentation formats are a common theme
in Python-land; *reasons* for changing format are much harder to

I think it is probably possible to remove Fred from the critical path
of performing a Python release, because due in large part to his work,
building the Python docs just isn't that difficult (heck, my
latex2html install hasn't rotted and died in *years*).  I'm pretty
sure it's possible on the starship, too.  Of course, if Fred doesn't
do the doc bits, someone else has to -- I don't know if Martin or
Anthony want to take on yet another task.  There might be something to
be said for finding someone in a more convenient timezone.

Is the process of scattering files around on creosote automated?


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