[Python-Dev] Policy about old Python versions

Batista, Facundo FBatista at uniFON.com.ar
Mon Nov 8 21:57:13 CET 2004

[Johannes Gijsbers]

#- Sounds good to me, with the following caveat. Before adding this
#- comment, do a casual check whether the bug has been reproduced by
#- another developer and/or whether you can reproduce it yourself. Don't
#- spend too much time on it, but just check whether it's 
#- obvious the bug
#- still exists. Wouldn't want to see bugs like 
#- http://python.org/sf/548176
#- or http://python.org/sf/531205 get closed because of lack of 
#- response.


#- By the way: you know about the 'canned response' facility, 
#- right? Saves
#- you from copy and pasting the same response over and over again.

I know, never used it, good oportunity to learn, ;).

.	Facundo
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