Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 18:37:13 CET 2004

[Anthony Baxter]
> Thanks to Tim's latest discovery, it looks like we might need an rc2 -
> I might try to aim for this in a week's time (assuming that's ok with
> Fred and Martin) and try to keep things moving along to 2.4 final.
> After which, I'm going to go out and get very drunk <wink>

FWIW, I wouldn't bother with an rc2 just for the
PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc segfault bug.  It's never been reported in
real life, it can't occur unless a 3rd-party C extension is using this
API, and some googling suggests that the API is barely used by any

To get in trouble, C code has to use this API to target a thread that
happens to be shutting down, and then suffer a sequence of unlikely
timing accidents.  It seems unlikely that code using this API *would*
target a thread that's shutting down (e.g., it's more likely to target
a thread that's *too* active <wink>), which may be why it hasn't been
reported yet in real life.

So it's OK by my if everyone pretends I didn't file the bug report
until a month after 2.4 final was released; Guido may even be able to
arrange to make that true.

Of course it's fine to get very drunk regardless.

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