[Python-Dev] Multilib strikes back

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Nov 22 21:01:24 CET 2004

    Mihai> How about a _pyconfig_32.h and a _pyconfig_64.h and have
    Mihai> pyconfig.h include one or the other, depending on the
    Mihai> environment?

How would that be detected?  As I understand the original bug report, the
user gave gcc a -m32 flag.  How would that be reflected in the environment?

Let's assume you can coax libxml into compiling in 32-bit mode with Python
support enabled even though you have a 64-bit mode Python installed.  Won't
that just push the problem further down the tool chain?  Instead of a
compilation failure wouldn't you get a runtime error of some sort, or would
the two coexist?


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