[Python-Dev] Trouble installing 2.4

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Nov 30 22:06:28 CET 2004

Andrew Koenig wrote:
> So it may be that a caveat is in order to people who do not install 2.4 as
> Administrator.

I think the trouble is not with 2.4, here - the trouble is with
installing pywin32. As you said, the installation of Python itself
went fine.

 > My hypothesis: When I install 2.4 as me, it puts it in my user
 > registry, not the system-wide registry,

I can confirm this hypothesis. In a per-user installation, the registry
settings are deliberately change for the user, not for the entire
system. Otherwise, it wouldn't be per-user. Also, the user might not
be able to write to the machine registry (unless he is a member of
the Power Users group).

 > and then pywin32 can't find it.

That sounds likely, but I cannot confirm it. If it is, it is a bug
in pywin32 (and, in turn, possibly in distutils).


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