[Python-Dev] ConfigParser patches

Guido van Rossum gvanrossum at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 18:22:42 CEST 2004

> All this talk of a replacement for ConfigParser is all well
> and good (and I agree that a more pythonic interface would
> be nice)... but. We're under 2 weeks from beta1, and I can't
> see this new module being designed, implemented, and committed
> before then. Remember, once b1 is out, we're stuck with the
> API that we have come up with.

Of course. Other recent proposals for brand new stuff also seem poorly timed.

> I'd much rather see one or more packages developed alongside
> Python - we can then take the best of them (or maybe a merger
> of the best ideas for them) for 2.5.

Right. So it went for optparse and logging.

> Which leaves David's original question about the two patches.
> While CP isn't perfect, and it would be nice to replace it, for
> 2.4, I don't think these patches make things any worse, and they
> add useful functionality (back, in one case) so I'm inclined
> towards accepting them.

If you think so, go ahead.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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