[Python-Dev] Re: subprocess - updated popen5 module

Jason Lunz lunz at falooley.org
Fri Oct 8 20:16:20 CEST 2004

astrand at lysator.liu.se said:
> I've recieved very positive feedback on my module. Many users are also
> asking me if this module will be included in the standard library.
> That is, of course, my wish as well.
> So, can the subprocess module be accepted? If not, what needs to be
> done?

I've been watching the progression of subprocess with some interest. It
looks encouraging, and is exactly the sort of thing I need for my work.

One small nit I've noticed: aren't the names of subprocess.call() and
subprocess.callv() reversed? If you look at unix execl() and execv(),
execl() takes a variable-length argument list and execv() takes a list
(vector?) of arguments. But it's the opposite for subprocess -- callv()
takes a variable-length arg list and call() takes a list of args.

Am I missing something? Can these be renamed now before it gets


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