[Python-Dev] Re: Toward Python's future article

daniel narf vegeta.z at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 21:32:03 CEST 2004

i know there are a lot of volunters,fans,developers who are very actively
developing/improving the library but the main point of the argument(i
think),is to realy focus on the stdlib improvements,not implying that the
interpreter improvements are less important,just that the stdlib is
currently lacking a bit in certain aspects already mentioned,to try to
balance the ecosystem.

A more formal,focused,organized aproach to improve the stdlib is the point
of the proposal,some sort of plan,roadmap is what is needed(in my opinion).

Some things that comes to mind and others based on feedback about the AFK
non formal proposal are: 

to refactor(someway) stdlib parts that are a bit inconsistent,as duplicated
functionality of some modules,modules with just one function,obscure ways
of working of some of them,to stablish realy strong naming,style coding
conventions ie: modules names with get_type,getType,gettype.
To realy start a stdlib documentation effort,aspiring it to be the
best,clearest documented stdlib out there.

To develop the greatest,more advanced library packaging system out
there,taking the strengh and weaknesses of others(as CPAM) as a guide.

To start a planed and formal draft for py 3.0,some similar system as the
iniciative from zope,the zope X3 project and maybe to #adelantar a litle
python 3.0 realease(to jump from python 2.7 to python 3000 ^_^). 

And many other great ideas to start making python the best language ever.

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