[Python-Dev] Guidelines for Logging Usage

Michael P. Dubner dubnerm-news at mail.ru
Sat Oct 9 00:18:44 CEST 2004

A.M. Kuchling wrote:

>I like this proposal; it begins to impose some degree of sanity on the
>standard library.
I was the reason behind this PEP. :-)

>(If you want editing help with the grammar and text of the PEP, let me
>know; I'll happily polish the wording.)
I will be happy to get such help. I haven't grammar checker handy, so as 
I recall I've only checked
spelling once (and possibly not last edition). Sorry to native English 

>>        logging.getLogger('stdlib.BaseHTTPServer').setLevel(logging.FATAL)
>There's been discussion in the past of having a name for the Python
>standard library, so that 'from <name> import httplib' would always
>get the standard httplib module.  This name should match whatever's
>using in the logging, so the logging should use a name everyone is
>happy with using in import statements.  Whether that's stdlib or std
>or __std__ or Lib isn't important, as long as the logging matches.
I'm not really sure that these names MUST be equal. Name to use for 
import statement can be __stdlib__
or ever __python_library__ to ensure uniqueness and specific name MUST 
draw attention to this place. But
for logger name this prefix should be as short as possible because it's 
to be displayed, and sometime logger
plus time, level and message text must fit 80 character line...

Best regards,
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PS: Sorry for my English

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