[Python-Dev] assert failure on obmalloc

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 07:19:19 CEST 2004

[Jeremy Hylton, on Tue, 7 Sep 2004]
> Failure running the test suite today with -u compiler enabled on Windows XP.
> test_logging
> Assertion failed: bp != NULL, file
> \code\python\dist\src\Objects\obmalloc.c, line 604
> The debugger says the error is here:
>        msvcr71d.dll!_assert(const char * expr=0x1e22bcc0, const char *
> filename=0x1e22bc94, unsigned int lineno=604)  Line 306 C
>        python24_d.dll!PyObject_Malloc(unsigned int nbytes=100)  Line 604 + 0x1b        C
>        python24_d.dll!_PyObject_DebugMalloc(unsigned int nbytes=84)  Line
> 1014 + 0x9      C
>        python24_d.dll!PyThreadState_New(_is * interp=0x00951028)  Line 136 + 0x7       C
>        python24_d.dll!PyGILState_Ensure()  Line 430 + 0xc      C
>        python24_d.dll!t_bootstrap(void * boot_raw=0x02801d48)  Line 431 + 0x5  C
>        python24_d.dll!bootstrap(void * call=0x04f0d264)  Line 166 + 0x7        C
>        msvcr71d.dll!_threadstart(void * ptd=0x026a2320)  Line 196 + 0xd        C
> I've been seeing this sort of error on-and-off for at least a year
> with my Python 2.3 install.  It's the usual reason my spambayes
> popproxy dies.  I can't recell seeing it before on Windows or while
> running the test suite.

I expect bug 1041645 is relevant.  That was suffering the debug-build
problem identified later in this thread by Michael Hudson, and also
from that the internal TLS function find_key() was thread-insane
(regardless of build type).  Those should all be fixed now, so gripe
if you see this again after updating.

BTW, those are all critical bugfixes, but I don't have time to
backport them.  If anyone does, there was one checkin in the chain
that changed when PyGILState_Release() deleted its TLS key, but I'm
pretty sure there was no actual need for that change.

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