[Python-Dev] compiler bug #1042238 is blocking the 2.4b1 release

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Mon Oct 11 15:09:49 CEST 2004

Anyone with knowledge of Lib/compiler is urged to examine
www.python.org/sf/1042238. It's breaking on some genexprs,
in particular in Lib/_strptime.py

The failing code, distilled down, is:

import compiler
a="""def foo(*x): return x
foo((a for b in [[1,2,3],[4,5,6]] for a in b),'Z')"""
compiler.compile(a,'<string>', 'exec')

It's the combination of the genexps and the function call
with another argument.

This bug is bad enough (IMHO) to block 2.4b1. Please,
if you know about this, have a look at the failure.


Anthony Baxter     <anthony at interlink.com.au>
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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