[Python-Dev] PyPy Vilnius Sprint 15-23 nov 2004

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Thu Oct 14 17:10:10 CEST 2004

Hi Pythonistas and interested developers,

PyPy, the python-in-python implementation, is steadily moving
on.  The next coding sprint will take place in Vilnius,
Lithunia, from

    15th to 23rd of November, 2004

and is organized by the nice Programmers of Vilnius (POV)
company.  See http://codespeak.net/pypy/index.cgi?doc for more
in-depth information about PyPy.

Again, we will be heading towards a first generated C version
of our already pretty compliant Python interpreter and types
implementation.  Last time, before the EuroPython 2004
conference, we actually had a similar goal (a PyPy/C-version) but
discovered we had to largely refactor the basic model for
attribute accesses. We are now closely mirroring the marvelous
"descriptor"-mechanism of CPython.   

If you are interested to participate in our fun and somewhat
mind-altering python sprint event then please subscribe at


and look around for more information. You'll find that most of
the core PyPy developers are already determined to come. There
are also many areas that need attention so that we should
have tasks suited for different levels of expertise. 

At http://codespeak.net/moin/pypy/moin.cgi/VilniusSprintTasks
you'll find our sprint planning task list which will probably 
grow in the next weeks.

Note that our EU funding efforts are at the final stage now.
In the next weeks, quite likely before the Vilnius sprint, we
_hope_ to get a "go!" from the european commission.  One side
effect would be that coders - probably restricted to european
citizens - may generally apply for getting travel and
accomodation costs refunded for PyPy sprints.  This would
reduce the barrier of entry to the question if you like to
spend your time with a pypy sprint.  However, we probably need
some time to work out the details after when we get more
information from the EU. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact
pypy-sprint at codespeak.net or one of us personally.

cheers & a bientot,

    Holger Krekel, Armin Rigo 

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