[Python-Dev] Reducing core dependencies for Python on OS X / distutils nit

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Sat Oct 16 05:37:43 CEST 2004

Remove CoreServices / CoreFoundation dependencies in core

It came to my attention a couple weeks ago that Python unnecessarily 
links to a few frameworks on OS X, so I generated a patch that removed 
these dependencies.  I would hope that this is uncontroversial.

Presumably Jack has been really busy lately so I understand that this 
patch didn't make it into b1, but I would like to get it rolled into 
CVS by *somebody* after CVS is reopened so the final of Python 2.4 
doesn't link to a bunch of frameworks for no reason, which potentially 
(not benchmarked) increases memory usage and startup time because the 
resultant Python.framework and python interpreter no longer have any 
explicit dependencies at all (just libSystem, which is linked in by 


distutils.util.get_platform() should include sys.version[:3]

On a side note, when I was playing with Python 2.4, I noticed that 
distutils doesn't create build directories that have the major Python 
version encoded in them, only the operating system information.  This 
doesn't really make much sense, because extensions and bytecode aren't 
typically compatible between major versions!  Nobody commented on this, 
but I'm willing to write a patch to create build directories with 
sys.version[:3] in them if it will be accepted...


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