[Python-Dev] ConfigParser shootout, preliminary entry

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at uci.edu
Tue Oct 19 00:01:23 CEST 2004

>   This breaks down for the perfectly reasonable case of:
>     hostname = Value("foo")
>     class First(Container):
>         port = Value(64)
>         hostname = hostname
>         username = Value("zoop")
>     class Second(Container):
>         username = Value("pooz")
>         hostname = hostname
>         port = Value(24)
>   ie, it breaks down as soon as you try to re-use anything, which is
> quite surprising to the unsuspecting user, and pretty unfortunate even
> once you do understand why.

So you use...

hostname = "foo"

class First(Container):
    port = Value(36)
    hostname = Value(hostname)
    username = Value("zoop")


As long as the documentation describes the proper semantics if one cares
about orderings (create new TypedAttrribute instance for every value),
when anyone asks, a quick "read the documentation page" would be

One could also explain why the hoops are to be jumped through in the
first place (dict non-ordering during class instantiation).

 - Josiah

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