[Python-Dev] Patches

Oleg Broytmann phd at mail2.phd.pp.ru
Tue Oct 19 19:01:26 CEST 2004


   I submitted a number of patches to the SF tracker. Few of them were
accepted, but most of them still are unreviewd by core team.

   What can I do to help? (A polite way to say "how can I push them?" :)

   I have updated them to Python 2.4b1. Actually, only one of them
required minor changes (different line numbers). But I must admit that
the patches are not a simple bug fix, so it is probably too late to
apply them for 2.4. They can wait for 2.5... but I am afraid they will
be just forgotten.

   The patches are:

   This is the biggest and the oldest. It hangs in the tracker since
Python 2.2. In short, it makes the webbrowser.py runs through _tryorder
list of browsers and trie to run every browser until one started
successfully. Currently webbrowser.py tries to run a browser and if it
fails - stops trying. Assigned to Fred Drake.

   A program to scan python files and list those require -*- coding -*-
directive. Reviewed by Marc-Andre Lemburg and Andrew Kuchling.

   Makes ftplib.py a bit more RFC959-compliant. The RFC requires the FTP
protocol to be run not over TCP but over telnet. For most people there
is no difference but there is a subtle different for those who use
non-ASCII encodings: chr(255) - a special character in telnet - requires
a special handling. My patch adds a toggle that allows to turn telnet on
(actually, it only doubles chr(255) in command stream, but it is one of
two things that are required for FTP-over-telnet). By default it is off
to preserve backward compatibility.

   The smallest and the simplest of all. 3 lines patch that adds
__main__ to whichdb.py, so one can run it on the command line:

$ whichdb.py *.db

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