[Python-Dev] Patches

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Oct 20 09:02:13 CEST 2004

Bob Ippolito wrote:
> Speaking of "price", perhaps PSF donations should be factored into 
> getting a patch reviewed?  I'm probably only saying this because I've 
> donated, have some patches in the queue that aren't yet reviewed, and 
> don't really have the spare time/energy to review a stockpile of Other 
> People's Patches ;)  I think my open-source-python-time is better spent 
> working on the Mac distribution problems (py2app, bdist_pkg, etc.) than 
> reviewing other people's patches...

That is an entirely valid remark, and using PSF funds for that would be
an appropriate spending of the funds. Unfortunately, I don't think it
will work: we can't hire anybody off the street to do patch reviews and
commits for us, since we need to trust reviewers to do a high-quality
job. The people who already review and commit patches regularly probably
can't be pursued with money to work more on Python (I know that I
wouldn't be pursued, atleast not with the amount of money that the PSF
could offer).

As for spending your volunteer time differently: most certainly, yes.
Any volunteer can spend volunteer time anyway they please. This goes
both ways, of course: for submitters and reviewers. If you want to
push your changes, an alternative procedure might be to push only
selected changes, by contacting somebody you know is primary maintainer
of that part of Python - and trust that your own reputation on
python-dev will not make that person ignore you.


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