[Python-Dev] SQLite module for Python 2.5

Carlos Ribeiro carribeiro at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 19:08:32 CEST 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 18:29:05 +0200, Gerhard Haering <lists at ghaering.de> wrote:
> So, what would you like to see? "import sqlite", "import embsql", or
> "pypi.install('pysqlite')" ?

Warning: I'm still pretty inexperienced in the python-dev issues. I'm
still figuring out how to behave, and how to become a good member of
the community. So what follows is a personal opinion, and I hope not
to be breaking any community laws by doing so.

I'm a enthusiastic user of pysqlite, which I found to solve almost all
my development needs without the administrative burden of 'real'
rdbms. No only that, but it also has proven more than good enough for
actual deployment in several situations. Quite a surprise, in fact.

I sincerely believe that a standard rdbms in the standard Python
library would greatly improve Python's acceptance and usability in
several common scenarios. I also believe that pysqlite has what it
takes to be included as such standard module.

I also believe that this discussion should be held at the main Python
list. There are many active Python developers that don't follow the
python-dev lists that may have some interest on this topic.

> One problem I see is that even the new PySQLite will grow and try to
> wrap much of the SQLite API that are not directly related to the
> DB-API. If such a thing is too complicated/big for the standard
> library, then maybe it would be better to produce a much simpler
> PySQLite, especially for the Python standard library that leaves all
> the fancy stuff out. My codename would be "embsql".

This is a big issue. If the sqlite library supports a bigger and
richer API _as part of the standard Python library_, then everyone
else (Python's end users and developers) will naturally expect that
all other rdbms will support the same API. Have you posed this
question to the DB-SIG people?

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