[Python-Dev] audiotest.au and possible copyright issues?

David Ascher DavidA at ActiveState.com
Thu Oct 21 22:03:27 CEST 2004

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Guido van Rossum]
>>Let me promise you this: the second the PSF receives a
>>cease-and-desist letter about this from John Cleese's lawyer, we'll
>>remove it from the distribution. Until then, it stays.
> Well, I'd be inclined to remove it if John just asks us to, even in
> the absence of legal threats.  But without the threats, he'd have to
> ask nicely <wink>.

Especially if he asks by sending us a creative-commons licensed audio 

  "Hi, this is John Cleese, and I approve of this distribution"

Sorry, getting political.


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