[Python-Dev] On when making modifications to the CVS code

Batista, Facundo FBatista at uniFON.com.ar
Wed Oct 27 15:30:38 CEST 2004


I have these doubts from a while ago, and while a learned a lot about this
through Raymond Hettinger, I still have some loose ends.  Don't know if
there's an official position or it's just developer common sense (which I
still don't have), but I didn't find an article/PEP about this. Such paper

For now, I'll ask you about a specific issue: there's this bug open about
the reindent.py tool, which has an issue about the reindented code file's
metadata (more specific: permissions).  So I came up with a solution (small
patch, three lines), which leaves the reindented file with the same
permissions that the original one.

My problem is that I can not decide to commit those changes. We're in beta,
and don't know if the changes will be tested enough before the final
release, in enough platforms (for now, it's tested on Linux, Win2k and MacOS

And if I don't commit these now, when?

Thank you all!

.	Facundo
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