[Python-Dev] Tests broken on Windows

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 22:00:43 CET 2004

[Johannes Gijsbers]
> Hum, I didn't realize os.chmod() worked this differently on Windows. Seems like
> I bumped into bug #755617 (os module: Need a better description of "mode"). Per
> that bug, I googled for '_chmod msdn' and came up with the attached patch.
> However, I don't have a Windows machine handy to test. Could someone with a
> Windows machine try the patch?

I'll try it, but there were no attachments.  Distinctions among
"user", "group" and "world" are unique to Unix.  Windows has a much
more elaborate permission scheme than that, but at chmod()'s feeble
level it's essentially just "nobody can delete me" or "anyone can
delete me".

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