[Python-Dev] Isn't the trunk still frozen?

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Sep 3 21:30:48 CEST 2004

Skip Montanaro wrote:

> Anthony gave me a mild virtual rap on the knuckles for checking in a doc
> change yesterday while the trunk was frozen for the release.  Later on he
> asked if we could keep it frozen for a bit more.  I just saw a bunch of
> checkin messages float by, but haven't seen an all-clear from Anthony.
> Isn't the trunk still frozen?

Although Anthony has not given the explicit go-ahead for checkins he 
said it would  be okay after 14:00 UTC today (which is 9:00 CST) in 
another email to the list so it should be okay.

Personally I am still waiting for Anthony to say it is okay to check in 


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