[Python-Dev] Alternative Implementation for PEP 292:SimpleString Substitutions

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Sat Sep 4 13:51:22 CEST 2004

Raymond Hettinger wrote:
> [MAL]
>>Second, it is good design and good practice to store text
>>data in Unicode objects, because that's what they were designed for,
>>while string objects have always been an abstract container for
 >>storing bytes with varying meanings and interpretations.

Hmm, I wonder why you cut away the first part: "First, please be
aware that normal use of Templates is for formatting *text* data."

This is the most important argument for making Template
a Unicode-subclass. Coercion to Unicode then is a logical
consequence and fully in line with what Python has been
doing since version 1.6, ie. U=U+U and U=U+8 (to use /Fs

> IMO, it is subversive to start taking new string functions/methods and
> coercing their results to Unicode. 

I don't understand... there's nothing subversive here. If strings
meet Unicode the result gets coerced to Unicode. Nothing
surprising here.

Why are you guys putting so much effort into fighting
Unicode ? I often get the impression that you are considering
Unicode a nightmare rather than a blessing.

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