[Python-Dev] Install-on-first-use vs. optional extensions

Garth garth at garthy.com
Thu Sep 9 13:39:33 CEST 2004

Couldn't you conditionally run  RegisterExtensionInfo?

And set this in a dialog checkbox? (Which I don't know haow to do in msi 
+ python)

This is my guess at a patch

--- oldsequence.py   Thu Sep  9 12:35
:51 2004
+++ sequence.py      Thu Sep  9 12:35
:31 2004
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
 (u'PublishFeatures', None, 6300),
 (u'PublishProduct', None, 6400),
 (u'RegisterClassInfo', None, 4600),
-(u'RegisterExtensionInfo', None, 4700),
+(u'RegisterExtensionInfo', 'INSTALLEXT=1', 4700),
 (u'RegisterMIMEInfo', None, 4900),
 (u'RegisterProgIdInfo', None, 4800),
 (u'AllocateRegistrySpace', u'NOT Installed', 1550),

Martin v. Löwis wrote:

> I recently looked into properly implementing the "Register Extensions"
> feature in the installer; in 2.4a3, not selecting that doesn't really
> work. The problem is that MSI only supports installing either both
> the "extension server" (the .exe) and the extension, or neither. So
> you can chose not to install word.exe, and it won't install the .doc
> extension; if you install word.exe, it will associate .doc with it.
> For Python, this leaves us with three options:
> 1. Don't make registration of extensions optional; always associate
>    .py, .pyc, .pyw, .pyo.
> 2. Don't support installation-on-demand for extensions. This means
>    to not use the MSI extension machinery at all, but to directly
>    write the registry keys that build the extension. Installing
>    these keys can then be made optional.
> 3. Provide another binary that is the "extension server", and
>    install that independently of python.exe, and pythonw.exe.
>    In CVS, I have implemented this approach to see whether it
>    works (it does), and called this binary "launcher.exe". It
>    is a Windows app which supports a -console argument which also
>    makes it a console app. This is the the binary that gets
>    associated with all four extensions, for the "open" verb.
> Currently, I'm in favour of using option 3, but I'd like to hear
> whether people would prefer something else instead.
> Regards,
> Martin
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