[Python-Dev] Trying to extract documentation from the CVS

Batista, Facundo FBatista at uniFON.com.ar
Wed Sep 15 14:53:55 CEST 2004

I'm packaging decimal. In part because of the suggestion of Alex Martelli,
and in part because, as I need it for my SiGeFi project, it's a must to
offer the user to download it separately if he/she has Py2.3 and cannot

The main issue I have is including the documentation. I want to include
something like a "decimal.pdf" with the decimal documentation only. So I
copied the libdecimal.tex and tried to convert it, and I couldn't.

I'm a completely tex newbie, but I think that there's an issue with the
syntax (that the file uses it own and I don't know which files use). I've
generated the documentation from the CVS files (with the make), so I guess I
have all the necessary support programs in my machine (not here at office,
at home).

So, the questions are:

- Is possible to extract only one file and generate a .pdf from it? And a
- There's somewhere a how-to? Or the procedure is so simple that is not
- Which files from CVS I need?

Sorry if some of these questions are not python-dev specific and could be
answered only with tex knowledge.

Thank you very much.

Facundo Batista
Desarrollo de Red
fbatista at unifon.com.ar
(54 11) 5130-4643
Cel: 15 5097 5024

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