[Python-Dev] [Patch 1032206] Add API to logging package to allow intercooperation.

David Wilson dw-python.org at botanicus.net
Wed Sep 22 00:16:08 CEST 2004

Hi there,

There are two alternative patches provided to add a single extra API
item for this package, which would allow developers the ability to
extend the logging package to a certain extent without clobbering each
other's work.

At present, it isn't possible for a package to customise the
logging.Logger class, without running the risk of having it's changes
clobbered by an application using the package, or another package.

This small change allows each customiser to inherit changes from the
last customiser. Any chance of getting one of these solutions in for

the "loggerClass" option provides more respectable declaration syntax,
but the "getLoggerclass" option provides symmetry.




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