FW: [Python-Dev] Noam's open regex requests

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Thu Sep 23 02:15:30 CEST 2004

>     Raymond> Haven't heard a peep on this one.  Is anyone going to be
> miffed
>     Raymond> if I accept Noam's requests?

> I thought most of the opinion (certainly from Fredrik and Guido) ran
> counter
> to the request.

IIRC, this is the part of the request that wasn't shot down.
Originally, the OP wanted the function API to fully duplicate the method
API.  There were several reasons for not doing that:  API stability;
where to put the flags argument relative to the start/stop arguments;
the functions were supposed to be kept simple; and there were
unresolvable argument order conflicts.

So, the remaining part of the request is more humble: document that the
functions are not supposed to be full featured, fully document the
existing API, and to give findall() and finditer() the same interface as
the other functions.

I sent Fred a note on the third part and will stick with whatever he
says if there is a reply.


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