[Python-Dev] Security capabilities in Python

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Sat Apr 9 22:58:54 CEST 2005

On Apr 9, 2005, at 2:13 PM, Michael Hudson wrote:

> The funniest I know is part of PyPy:
> def extract_cell_content(c):
>     """Get the value contained in a CPython 'cell', as read through
>     the func_closure of a function object."""
>     # yuk! this is all I could come up with that works in Python 2.2 
> too
>     class X(object):
>         def __eq__(self, other):
>             self.other = other
>     x = X()
>     x_cell, = (lambda: x).func_closure
>     x_cell == c
>     return x.other
> It would be unfortunate for PyPy (and IMHO, very un-pythonic) if this
> process became impossible.

It would be quite fortunate if you didn't have to do all that, and cell 
just had a "value" attribute, though.


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