[Python-Dev] Unified or context diffs?

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Apr 13 23:26:12 CEST 2005

Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 15:54, Brett C. wrote:
>>I thought at one point this question came up and the general consensus was that
>>unified diffs were preferred?
> Back in the day, we preferred context diffs, and I think of the original
> Python core group, Guido was the last holdout.  But IIRC, a few years
> ago the issue came up again; Guido had changed his mind so we changed
> syncmail to produce unified diffs.

Eh.  Guido doesn't deal with patches anymore, so his opinion doesn't count.  =)

> IMO unifieds are preferred when the diffs are for human consumption, but
> when they're only for machine consumption, anything that the patch
> program accepts is fine.

OK, it seems like everyone who cares enough to speak up has said so far that
unified diffs are better I will change the docs some time between now and when
I keel over dead to have people use unified diffs assuming some rush of people
don't suddenly start saying they prefer contextual diffs.


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