[Python-Dev] Reference counting when entering and exiting scopes

Matthew F. Barnes mfb at lotusland.dyndns.org
Thu Apr 21 14:26:09 CEST 2005

On Wed, 2005-04-20 at 18:59 -0700, Brett C. wrote:
> So no leak.  Yes, there should be more explicit refcounting to be proper, but
> the compiler cheats in a couple of places for various reasons.  But basically
> everything is fine since st->st_cur and st->st_stack are only played with
> refcount-wise by either symtable_enter_scope() and symtable_exit_scope() and
> they are always called in pairs in the end.

... except for the "global" scope, for which symtable_exit_scope() is
never called.  But the last reference to *that* scope (st->st_cur) gets
cleaned up in PySymtable_Free().  Correct?

So the two things I thought were glitches are actually cancelling each
other out.  Very good.  Thanks for your help.

Matthew Barnes

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