[Python-Dev] a few SF bugs which can (probably) be closed

Ilya Sandler ilya at bluefir.net
Sat Apr 23 06:23:20 CEST 2005

Good morning/evening/:

Here a few sourceforge bugs which can probably be closed:

[ 1168983 ] : ftplib.py string index out of range
Original poster reports that the problem disappeared after a patch
committed by Raymond

[ 1178863 ] Variable.__init__ uses self.set(), blocking specialization
seems like a dup of 1178872

[ 415492 ] Compiler generates relative filenames
seems to have been fixed at some point. I could not reproduce it with

[ 751612 ] smtplib crashes Windows Kernal.
Seems like an obvious Windows bug (not python's bug) and seems to be


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