[Python-Dev] Re: anonymous blocks

Ka-Ping Yee python-dev at zesty.ca
Tue Apr 26 08:47:10 CEST 2005

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, Brett C. wrote:
> It executes the body, calling next() on the argument name on each
> time through until the iteration stops.

There's a little more to it than that.  But on the whole I do support
the goal of finding a simple, short description of what this construct
is intended to do.  If it can be described accurately in a sentence
or two, that's a good sign that the semantics are sufficiently clear
and simple.

> I like "managers" since they are basically managing resources
> most of the time for the user.

No, please let's not call them that.  "Manager" is a very common word
to describe all kinds of classes in object-oriented designs, and it is
so generic as to hardly mean anything.  (Sorry, i don't have a better
alternative at the moment.)

-- ?!ng

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