[Python-Dev] Anonymous blocks: Thunks or iterators?

Jim Jewett jimjjewett at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 20:33:54 CEST 2005

On 4/29/05, Brian Sabbey <sabbey at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> Jim Jewett wrote:
> > The only members that need special attention are (f_code, f_lasti)
> > and possibly (f_blockstack, f_iblock).
> You don't even need to take care of f_code.  The thunk and its surrounding
> function can share the same code.  The thunk gets compiled into the
> function the same way the body of a for loop would.

This only works if you already know what the thunk's code will be 
when you compile the function.  (Just splicing it in messes up jump

> One also needs to store f_back, and, to avoid exception weirdness,
> f_exc_XXX.

f_back lists the previous stack frame (which shouldn't change during
a thunk[1]), and f_exc_XXX is for the most recent exception -- I don't see
any reason to treat thunks differently from loop bodies in that regard.

[1]  If the thunk calls another function (that needs its own frame), then
that is handled the same as any regular function call.


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