[Python-Dev] pdb: should next command be extended?

Ilya Sandler ilya at bluefir.net
Mon Aug 8 00:12:20 CEST 2005

On Sun, 7 Aug 2005, [ISO-8859-1] "Martin v. L?wis" wrote:

> Ilya Sandler wrote:
> > Should pdb's next command accept an optional numeric argument? It would
> > specify how many actual lines of code (not "line events")
> > should  be skipped in the current frame before stopping,
> [...]
> > What do you think?
> That would differ from gdb's "next <n>", which does "next" n times.
> It would be confusing if pdb accepted the same command, but it
> meant something different.

But as far as I can tell, pdb's next is
already different from gdb's next! gdb's next seem to always go to the
different source line, while pdb's next may stay on the current line.

The problem with "next <n>" meaning "repeat next n times" is that it
seems to be less useful that the original suggestion.

Any alternative suggestions to allow to step over list comprehensions and
such? (SF 1248119)

> Plus, there is always a chance that
> <current line>+n is never reached, which would also be confusing.

That should not be a problem, returning from the current frame should be
treated as a stopping condition (similarly to the current "next"


> So I'm -1 here.
> Regards,
> Martin

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