[Python-Dev] plans for 2.4.2 and 2.5a1

Christos Georgiou tzot at mediconsa.com
Fri Aug 12 18:21:57 CEST 2005

"Michael Hudson" <mwh at python.net> wrote in message 
news:2m8xz7wfyq.fsf at starship.python.net...
> Anthony Baxter <anthony at interlink.com.au> writes:
>> So I'm currently planning for a 2.4.2 sometime around mid September. I 
>> figure
>> we cut a release candidate either on the 7th or 14th, and a final a week
>> later.
> Cool.  I'm not sure how many outstanding bugs should be fixed before
> 2.4.2.  Some stuff to do with files with PEP 263 style declarations?
> (Walter?  I've lost track of these).

This is a serious issue (spurious syntax errors).

One bug about files with encoding declarations is www.python.org/sf/1163244 
.  So far, it seems that source files having a size of f*n+x (for some small 
indeterminate value of x, and f is a power of 2 like 512 or 1024) 
occasionally fail to compile with spurious syntax errors.  (I once had a 
file show up the line with the "syntax error", and the reported line was 
comprised half from the failing line and half from the line 
above --unfortunately I kept the file for examination in a USB key that some 
colleague formatted).  The syntax errors disappear if the coding declaration 
is removed or if some blank lines are inserted before the failing line.

I think this occurs only on Windows, so it should be something to do with 
line endings and buffering.

At the moment I'm trying to create a minimal file that when imported fails 
with 2.4.1 .  I'll update the case as soon as I have one, but I wanted to 
draw some attention in python-dev in case it rings a bell. 

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