[Python-Dev] Hosting svn.python.org

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Aug 13 13:47:10 CEST 2005

skip at pobox.com wrote:
> I will enthusiastically cast my vote for tummy.com, Sean Reifschneider's
> company.  Mojam leases a server there (Mojam & Musi-Cal websites running
> CentOS 4, Apache+mod_perl, Python, Mason, MySQLdb, Mailman, etc).  Their
> service has been absolutely awesome.

But we don't want to lease a server - we are looking for an Subversion
hoster. If we *just* wanted a server, there would be no reason to
drop (*) the current svn.python.org.

So what precisely is the Subversion offer of tummy.com ($/per month
for what disk limit, monthly download limit, number of developers
limit, backup service, email notification, ability for offsite
download of the repository tarball, what access method (is svn+ssh
supported, anonymous WebDAV))?

In case this isn't clear yet: several people are concerned that
running the Python svn repository by volunteers will risk service
outage, and unnecessarily consume volunteer resources. So just replacing
the machine we get for free now with a machine we have to pay for
won't do any good.

I understand that I could now go to tummy.com, contact them, and
research all details myself. But I'm not willing to: everybody
who wants to suggest a different service should find out all the
details of that service, and report them so I can include them
into the PEP.


(*) This PEP is actually not at all about svn.python.org, and the
pydotorg SVN repository. Those are in the realms of the infrastructure
committee, and they do a great job. The PEP is *only* about
migrating the Python source code proper from CVS (along with
the other code snippets that are in that CVS).

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