[Python-Dev] cvs to bzr?

Lalo Martins lalo at exoweb.net
Mon Aug 15 03:58:58 CEST 2005

And so says skip at pobox.com on 14/08/05 07:00...
> Based on the message Guido forwarded, I installed bazaar-ng.  From Mark's
> note it seems they convert cvs repositories to bzr repositories, but I
> didn't see any mention in the bzr docs of any sort of cvs2bzr tool.
> Likewise, Google didn't turn up anything obvious.  Anyone know of something?

Just for the sake of fairness - Mark's email states that they convert
cvs repositories to baz (Bazaar 1.x), not to bzr (Bazaar-NG, soon-to-be
Bazaar 2.x).  The tools to convert to bzr are not yet mature, as bzr
itself just recently started to solidify.  (The pace of development is
one of my favorite "features" about bzr; it's a testament to python and
to bzr itself.)

You can, however, convert from CVS to baz (arch), and from there to bzr.

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