[Python-Dev] implementation of copy standard lib

Martijn Brouwer e.a.m.brouwer at alumnus.utwente.nl
Mon Aug 15 00:48:00 CEST 2005

After profiling a small python script I found that approximately 50% of
the runtime of my script was consumed by one line: "import copy".
Another 15% was the startup of the interpreter, but that is OK for an
interpreted language. The copy library is used by another library I am
using for my scripts. Importing copy takes 5-10 times more time that
import os, string and re together!
I noticed that this lib is implemented in python, not in C. As I can
imagine that *a lot* of libs/scripts use the copy library, I think it
worthwhile to implement this lib in C.
Unfortunately I cannot do this myself: I am relatively inexperienced
with python and do not know C.

What are your opinions?

Martijn Brouwer

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