[Python-Dev] info/advices about python readline implementation

Gregory Lielens gregory.lielens at fft.be
Sun Aug 28 18:06:53 CEST 2005

> > Then something about the VMS platform support:
> >   -readline seems to make uses of the extern function
> > vms__StdioReadline() on VMS...Where can we find the source or doc about
> > this function? In particular, we would like to know if this function
> > call (or can call) PyOS_StdioReadline, which would cause infinite
> > recursion in some version of our patch....without havind access to VMS
> > for testing or info about vms__StdioReadline, this is impossible to
> > know...
> I have no idea; Googling for it only showed up discussions of
> readline.c. You might write the authors of the patch that introduced
> it (the same Google query will find the info); if they don't respond,
> I'm not sure that it's worth worrying about.

Googling only returned comments or queries by either Lisandro or me, but
it was loewis (Martin v. Löwis ?) that comited this change in May 2003
with the comment Patch #708495: Port more stuff to OpenVMS.

Tha patch was introduced by Jean-François Piéronne, who explained: 

Use of vms__StdioReadline

> My personal guess is that it's probably a VMS internal function, which
> would reduce the probability of it calling back to PyOS_StdioReadline
> to zero. It can't be a Python specific thing, because it doesn't have
> a 'Py' prefix.

My guess too, especially as using PyOS_StdioReadline (which is not in
the python API) would be asking for trouble...We will thus consider that
there is no risk of infinite recursion, except if someone say

Thanks a lot for these fast and usefull informations!


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