[Python-Dev] Remove str.find in 3.0?

Andrew Durdin adurdin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 05:23:25 CEST 2005

On 8/31/05, Delaney, Timothy (Tim) <tdelaney at avaya.com> wrote:
> Andrew Durdin wrote:
> > Just to put my spoke in the wheel, I find the difference in the
> > ordering of return values for partition() and rpartition() confusing:
> >
> > head, sep, remainder = partition(s)
> > remainder, sep, head = rpartition(s)
> This is the confusion - you've got the terminology wrong.
> before, sep, after = s.partition('?')
> ('http://www.python.org', '', '')
> before, sep, after = s.rpartition('?')
> ('', '', 'http://www.python.org')

That's still confusing (to me), though -- when the string is being
processed, what comes before the separator is the stuff at the end of
the string, and what comes after is the bit at the beginning of the
string.  It's not the terminology that's confusing me, though I find
it hard to describe exactly what is. Maybe it's just me -- does anyone
else have the same confusion?

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